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TCL 32S305 32-Inch 720p Roku Smart LED TV (2017 Model)

TCL 32S305 32-Inch 720p Roku Smart LED TV (2017 Model)
TCL 32S305 32-Inch 720p Roku Smart LED TV (2017 Model)

TCL 32S305 32-Inch 720p Roku Smart LED TV (2017 Model)

A Model Well Worth the Price, When it comes to acquiring a television, any potential buyer must first ask what he or she wants from the product. Technology is always changing, and products are becoming more and more sophisticated. Smart televisions connect the viewer with a world of connectivity, from watching their favorite videos through WIFI connectivity to streaming the very best television or movie collections: one wants to use the very best out there. The TCL 32S305 32-Inch 720p Roku Smart LED TV can certainly be included when it comes to the best smart televisions on the market.

The TCL 32S305 32-Inch 720p Roku Smart LED TV has all the specifications one would desire when it comes to a quality television; it is equipped with a 32-inch class HD Roku smart TV, Roku TV personalized home screen, dual-band 802.11n Wi-Fi, 3 HDMI inputs, analog video input, USB port, digital and analog audio output. Digital television tuner. 720p resolution. 60Hz CMI. The television only weighs 9.9 pounds, so it can be easily moved and positioned accordingly.

Some people spend a fortune on televisions and this seems like a mistake when you look at the quality products TCL puts out at a very reasonable price. There’s a reason TCL is one of the fastest growing television brands in North America; they pride themselves on delivering products that are high quality, have chic and sophisticated designs, and are easy to use. This 32-inch Roku smart television is no exception.

Let’s start out with the remote. One never wants to struggle to get to the correct input, changing the channel, or opening their favorite app. The remote for this television keep it as easy as one could imagine. 20 buttons control navigation, which allows for easy access to the possibilities this tv has to offer. There is never a struggle when finding the correct button thanks to this sly little remote from Roku.

When the user powers up the television, it can be formatted to the user’s desire. For example, if I want the television to power up to the smart hub home screen the tv can easily be set up to take me there. It can also be programmed to power up to the latest input used, or any other specific source you want the tv to power up to. There are also shortcut buttons to use to easily access all your favorite apps from YouTube to Netflix, you’ll be chilling in no time. The television has two power states: a high-power mode and a low power standby mode. Once you turn off your television it will stay in the high-power mood for a few minutes and will start up immediately but will take a little longer to start up once it slips into a low power mode–either way, it generally starts up quickly and is ready to roll within moments.

As aforementioned, this tv doesn’t weigh all that much and can easily be mounted on the wall. Use a 100mm x 100mm VESA mount pattern and you will be good to go. The tv has 802.11n 2×2 Dual Band (support 2.4GHz & 5GHz) built-in that allows for great WIFI support. Like everything else on this tv, set up is quick and easy. This is especially important for any smart television and this model doesn’t disappoint. Whether one wants to play video games online or stream a movie, the WIFI support is fast an extremely functional. There won’t be a lag when it comes to internet connectivity.

The TCL 32S305 32-Inch 720p Roku Smart LED TV may be affordable, but don’t let that aspect lead you to believe this product is inferior to other smart TVs on the market. The resolution is crystal clear, whether watching the ball game or a nature documentary, one doesn’t have to worry about whether their picture is in HD or not. The easy to use set up the process and 20 buttons remote make life easy with this tv, and one can quickly and efficiently navigate to their favorite apps. The WIFI support is excellent and its components make this smart tv well worth the price. TCL delivers a great product with this one.

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  • Dimensions (W x H x D): TV without stand: 28.9" x 17.1" x 3.2", TV with stand: 28.9" x 19.2" x 7.2"
  • Smart functionality offers access to over 4,000 streaming channels featuring more than 450,000 movies and TV episodes via Roku TV
  • 720p HD resolution for a crisp picture. 120V - 60Hz 50W
  • Direct-lit LED produces great picture quality;Diagonal View : 31.5 inches
  • 60Hz refresh rate allows fast moving action scenes to be seen with minimal motion blur.USB File Format Compatibility:Video: MKV (H.264), MP4, MOV (H.264), TS (H.264) Music: AAC, MP3, WMA, WAV (PCM), AIFF, FLAC, AC3 Photo: JPG, PNG, GIF

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TCL 32S305 32-Inch 720p Roku Smart LED TV (2017 Model), TCL

Price: $198.99 out of stock
as of September 27, 2020 6:23 pm  
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